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eDrixx enables you to accept tips digitally and cashless. Alone or as a team. No device needed, just show your QR code.

Currently only available in Europe. Get notified once eDrixx becomes available in North America.

eDrixx is suitable for all service sectors



Snip, snip, more tip!



Thank you to the reception, room service or the porter.



Now others do something good for you!



Great tips for great service!

Room Service

Room Service

So that the pillow does not remain empty!

Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Welcome and thank you for your tip!

Why give up digital and therefore more tips?

Why can customers pay the bill by card, but you only accept cash as a tip? Your guests often want to tip you, but can't because your store doesn't accept tips on cards or they don't have any cash with them. This is now a thing of the past. Simply digitize your tip jar, piggy bank etc. with your QR code and get more tips!

Sparschwein mit QR Code

Try it out and scan the QR code on the piggy bank above!

It's so easy - get to digital tipping in less than 1 minute:

Register for free

Register for free at eDrixx and get your personal QR code immediately. Or join a team and use the team QR code.

Get a tip

Show the QR code to your guests by sticking it e.g. on a piggy bank. Or download your own display. From now on, every guest who can already pay with their cell phone in the supermarket can also tip you digitally - without an app download!

Tip to your bank account

eDrixx pays your tips (for team QR codes your share) directly to your bank account minus a small fee, which can optionally be paid by your guest.

eDrixx in your company

eDrixx offers several ways to collect tips in your company. Once set up (e.g. QR code on one or more display stands) and the tip process slips by itself. And it doesn’t cost you anything as a business owner! eDrixx keeps a small fee from the tip, there is no more cost.

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Advantages for employers

With eDrixx, you digitize the tipping process at your business. With team tills, you can manage members yourself and determine the distribution, as well as adjust it yourself at any time - it strengthens team spirit and is simple and transparent!

More advantages

No tipping in the business books

eDrixx solves a problem that employers should not have.

More motivated employees

More tipping leads to higher satisfaction - and better service.

Innovative Customer Experience

Digitalization is advancing. Offer your guests the opportunity to tip digitally and cashlessly.

Transaction-based fee model

eDrixx customers are the service staff, who pay a small fee per tip transaction - there is no basic fee.

Team tills or individual profiles

With a flexible distribution logic you never need to calculate again who gets how much tip.

Experiences with eDrixx

Messia Bedrosian

“I usually get more tips with my cell phone!”

Messia Bedrosian
Hairdresser in Munich

Stefan Rutz

“eDrixx is mega!”

Stefan Rutz
Restaurant on Rügen

Steffen Spandler

“As a tour guide I am happy to be able to make it easy for my guests to tip via cell phone - thanks to eDrixx!”

Steffen Spandler
Tour guide

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And in 1 minute you can directly receive digital and cashless tips!