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Receiving tips

What do I need to know?

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No, eDrixx just works in your browser. You can bookmark it, but you don’t need to download an app.

In order to create a profile at eDrixx, you need an account. You can create one for free within 1 minute at

eDrixx will transfer your collected tips to your bank account. However, you can also start collecting tips first and specify your bank account for withdrawal later.

eDrixx charges a fee per tip transaction - you can find the current fees in our Terms and Conditions. There are no additional monthly or other costs for you - no tip - no fees! And it is better to get an additional tip minus a small fee than to get no tip at all if the guest has no cash with him.

In Germany, according to §3 No. 51 Income Tax Act (EStG), tips are tax-free for employees to an unlimited amount, whether by card or in cash.


what do I need to know?

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No. You only need your cell phone, no registration is required.

eDrixx uses Apple Pay or Google Pay (and other online payment methods in the future) for maximum simplification of the payment process. If you do not use Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can also enter your credit card information during the tipping process.

Please check which browser you are using on iPhone. Apple Pay does not work on Google’s Chrome browser. Either change your default browser to Apple Safari, for example, or alternatively enter your credit card info while tipping.

You are probably using Apple Pay with the Sparkassen Giro card. This payment method is currently not supported by us. As an alternative, please use a credit card in the tip process or add a credit card to Apple Pay as an option.

eDrixx currently runs as a web application, not as an app on your phone. Thus, the Apple Wallet on your phone does not “get” this transcation either.

Not yet. But we are working on this possibility.

The use of eDrixx by the guest is free of charge.

Just use your phone camera and scan the QR code.

Only with the NFC chip scanner of your smartphone.

All iPhones from version 6 onwards have an NFC chip built in. This must be added to the iPhone in the control center in models 6, 7 and 8 in order to use NFC scanning. Starting with iPhone 10, the necessary activation in the control center is omitted. You can find out whether an Android smartphone has an NFC chip as follows: Enter “nfc” in the search field of the settings. If you don’t have an NFC chip, use the camera function to scan a QR code.

the NFC chip is built into the top back edge on iPhones, and often in the center back on Android Phones. It can also help to touch the eDrixx tag a bit longer. Finally, the phone’s NFC chip must be able to send a small amount of power to the eDrixx tag via induction (“induction”), which then sends the data back.